Black Galaxy Granite in India

 Black Galaxy Granite in India

Black Granite in India is quite popular among customers and designers due to its color and design. This is a mostly a black granite having small gold and white flecks. Its design looks like the stars in galaxy. This granite is more popular in Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Oman, Iran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, etc. Apart from these countries, Black Galaxy granite is also popular in North Africa counties like, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, etc. Gorbandh Marbles is the leading Black Galaxy granite supplier in India which deals with importing quality design granites. You can find polished, brushed and antique black galaxy granites in India only at Gorbandh Marbles.

Black Galaxy Granite in India


In Gorbandh Marbles, Black Galaxy Granite is available in both tiles and slabs to allow for coordinated and creative installations. Due to its design, this granite is much more suitable for both interior and exterior purposes. These purposes can include counter tops, backsplashes, cladding, accent walls, flooring, etc.. You can also use this granite on kitchen flooring, slabs and tables tops too. If we will consider about the tiles of Black galaxy granites, they can be used in flooring too. As both tiles are slabs have unique pattern, tile flooring does not look different from slab flooring. The uniformity of Black Galaxy Granite is so good. We are also the exporters of Black Galaxy Marble in India. We do export this material to different parts of the world.

Types of Black Galaxy Granite in India:

Based on the size of gold colored specks, Black Galaxy granite has been divided into three types:

·       Large Grained Black Galaxy

·       Medium Grained Black Galaxy

·       Small Grained Black Galaxy

Above materials are also strong with well designed. You can use these granites in both indoor and outdoor purposes.