Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy Brown Mable is considered as one of the most furnished marble in India. Normally, this marble is being imported from India, colored brown with white base. Fantasy Brown Marble features beautiful design along with flowing pattern of chestnut, apricot, and pewter. If you need any marble for commercial or residential property installation, this marble would be the best choice, because, it’s a versatile natural stone. It is the perfect choice if you are going to create some amazing marble products like, marble tile floors, marble counter tops, accent walls, statement kitchen islands, etc.

fantasy brown marble

If we will talk about the design and color of this marble, it is completely unique. It comes under several designs such as flowing moment of light cream, off white, brown color. All these colors come together to make interesting wave pattern which results amazing designs on marble body. Due to its hardness, Fantasy Brown Marbles are secure from easy damage. This marble is suitable for kitchen flooring and countertop use. If we will talk about marble slab, the general size of Fantasy Brown Marble slab is 140cm up x 240cm up. This size is considered as the ideal size for flooring.

Fantasy Brown Marble Specification:

Name Fantasy Brown
Stone Type Marble
Primary Color(s) Off White, Brown
Country of Origin India
Available Finishes Brushed, Polished
Application Flooring, counter tops, accent walls, kitchen islands, etc.


Fantasy Brown Marble Supplier:

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