Iceberg Marble

 Iceberg Marble

If you are looking for best iceberg marble supplier in India, then you are at the right place. Here you can find the most beautiful, shaped, structured and well furnished colored iceberg marble at affordable price. You can use these marbles in your home as well work station to get a classy look of your interiors.   

Iceberg marble is completely brushed in texture and straight in size. Its edges are perfectly cut to size with makes it different from other marbles. This well maintained edge of this marble helps to beautiful designs from and in order to have a successful installation. If you are considering to get these marbles out, go get it. Turkey is the origin country of iceberg marble from which this masterpiece is being supplied all over the world.

iceberg marble

If we are taking the color and style of iceberg marble, this it is quite different from other marbles. Here we have two different designs available. One is white colored and the other one is gray colored. Both are of high quality having glossy look. They can fit into your house and work home floor along with washroom floor. Their amazing design will bring classy look to your house floor. 

Iceberg Marble Specification: 


Name Iceberg Marble
Stone Type Marble
Primary Color(s) White, Gray
Country of Origin Turkey
Available Finishes Brushed
Application House & Washroom florring