Processing Centre - Flow

Receipt of raw marble blocks: The raw marble blocks are received at Udaipur factory and unloaded in the gantry yard with the help of gantry cranes.

Dressing of Marble Blocks:
The dressing machine operator dresses the marble block by removing all natural defects, impurities and cracks.

Block reinforcement:  Before sending the rough marble block to our gang saw machine for sawing, the blocks are reinforced with fiber glass net and a binding agent. This is done to ensure minimum breakage of slabs during the sawing process.

Sawing Process:
The dressed and reinforced blocks are then moved to the gangsaw trolley by maintaining the size consistency for processing in gangsaw machine.

Net-reinforcement of marble slabs: Glass fiber net is applied on back face of the marble slabs to strengthen the slabs and for safe handling during transportation.

Grinding Process: After the 1st stage of epoxy filling the marble slabs are processed in rasin plant and then final finishing is done with line polisher.Polishing Process:

Polishing process: The polishing machine is used for making the surface even and shinier.We offer different types of finishes like polished, honed, leather, brushed and hydro finish.